The Mission.

I’m here to play BIG and change the world.

AND Here is how I’m going to do it...

At Stop Existing, I’m following a simple business model set forth by the iconic John Doerr known as ‘Objective Key Results’ (OKR’s for short)

In the incredible book ‘Measure What Matters’, Doerr sets forth the notion of taking a giant goal and splitting it into key areas that will be completely clear on stepping towards that goal.

Why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you because I want complete transparency.

I want you to know what’s going on “Behind The Scenes” because I believe that that’s the only way in which you can understand my motives, get on board with my mission and help me change the game for the rest of the world.

If you can help me with any of this, I want you on board. I NEED you on board.

Let’s make the world intentional.


Create an active global shift in the awareness of intentional living by 2040 through the modernisation of work, education and lifestyle beliefs.

Life’s too short to play small. Let me just repeat that in case you missed it:

Create an active global shift in the awareness of intentional living by 2040 through the modernisation of work, education and lifestyle beliefs.

I’m not after a half-hearted effort either. I want an ACTIVE shift. One that is proactively making changes, creating intentional value and spreading the awareness of intentional living.

For the most part, we are all living the same lives. Don’t believe me?:

  • Children spend the first 18 years of their lives in education. (approximately)
  • They then go to study in a University as a result of societal norms and pressures.
  • We then enter 40-60 years of employment in mostly unfulfilling careers.
  • Retirement strikes and we can FINALLY put our feet up and enjoy our lives for the last 20 years.

Sound familiar?

For me, that’s all absurd.

Society has us trapped within it’s pre-modern ‘norms’

We shouldn’t be pressuring children into a University system because ‘that’s the way it is’ – we shouldn’t be doing ANYTHING because of that reason.

Now there are exceptions to the rules. Some people don’t follow this pattern and live fulfilling lives which is great.

But most of us don’t escape the outdated world norms.

And yes, I appreciate that the majority of this is reflective of the UK culture and although things will differ slightly across the world, I believe that similar themes are still present…

I will modernise the education system and prove that studies do not exist within the realms of a textbook. I will modernise the way we work because we should be pursuing a mission that we are happy with and proud of rather than complain about our jobs.

There is another world out there.

  • A world of intention that allows our children to pursue University because they understand the options and WANT to, not because they THINK they want to.
  • A world of intention that allows us to work in such a way so that we can fuel our lives with the experiences and the lifestyle that we want to live rather than being a slave to our jobs.
  • A world of intention that allows us to live on our own terms without fear, limitations or restrictions.
Your dreams are already a reality. You simply need to clear the dust from them.

MY OBJECTIVES (5 year goals – Jan 2026)

  1. Stimulate 1 million intentional lifestyle changes
  2. Create a global community of Intentional Living Ambassadors
  3. Make ‘Intentional Living’ a fundamental aspect of the education system
  4. Bring organisational function into the modern era
  5. Scale to 1 million ‘superfans’


By January 1st 2026, Stop Existing will have stimulated at least 1 million intentional lifestyle changes that will allow for an enhanced Quality of Life for anyone engaging with the Stop Existing mission.

Whether these changes are large or small, I DON’T CARE.

All I care about is that the switch of intention is turned on just a single time because once it is on, you cannot turn it off.

You’ll start to question everything and realise that you don’t have to live in the ways that you’re expected to and that you can EASILY pursue a life of your dreams.


In order to change the world, I’m going to need A LOT of allies.

I want to create a global community of supporters, Ambassadors of Intentional Living, that can help to share the mission all across the globe.

By January 2026, I will have Ambassadors all across the globe, including a representative in EVERY COUNTRY in the world with the increasing progression to every state/region in those countries.

This is a tall order but there is only one way to have an impact; TOGETHER.

Make Intentional Living a fundamental aspect of the education system

When we are young, we are still absorbing information and learning the models of reality that will ultimately close in on our open potential and box us into the unquestioned ‘norms’.

In my eyes, there’s a pretty clear way to tackle this – HEAD ON AT THE PRIME POSITION.

If we can begin to educate the children of the world on the importance of intentional living, I believe that we’ll see a HUGE increase in overall happiness, job satisfaction, lifestyle satisfaction and we’ll also have that matched with a decrease in mental health problems.

Being able to choose your life intentionally without being boxed into specific paths will change everything about the way we think, learn, work and grow.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Bring organisational function into the modern era

For the most part, our working environments are all structured in relation to the pre-modern era of work – the Industrial Era.

Our work is mapped by the amount of time we are slaved to a job for and we are convinced that a typically small hourly number is our ‘value‘.

We find ourselves stuck using outdated leadership models and organisational structures that aren’t conducive to an efficient working environment – all because “that’s the way it always has been”

For some unknown reason, there is great pride nowadays in being ‘busy’ but what good is that in a world full of opportunity, adventure and dreams.

Busy just holds us back and our work often leads us into being ‘busy’ but not THRIVING in the way that we deserve to be.

Scale to 1 million ‘superfans’

Let’s keep this bit simple.

I want at least 1 million collective followers across the Stop Existing social media with high-performing engagement rates to ensure that the content, ideas and models shared on this platform will lead to major intentional changes for the better.

As much as I don’t particularly enjoy Social Media, I do believe that there is IMMENSE value in the opportunities that it has created.

Please do connect on your preferred platform/s and share, engage and spread the word.

1,000,000 is a very big number…


If you’ve made it this far, you deserve to celebrate because you haven’t just read the 5 year mission for Stop Existing but you’ve learned a lot about me, my plans and my understanding of the world.

If ANY of these points even slightly resonated with you then please get in touch. Email, Call or even DM me on Social Media – I will be replying to EVERY MESSAGE personally.

Are you ready to kick-start the new age of an intentional world?

Because I sure am!

– Aidan


Mind Reader. Wizard. Weirdo. YOU CHOOSE! I'm a performer at heart, psychology, neurobiology and behavioural change fan in mind and entrepreneur by trade. At Stop Existing, I'm connecting my purest beliefs into the work that I'm doing to help you and many others live the life that you deserve and that you're dreaming of. Perhaps selfishly, I think it's simple to do - and here at Stop Existing, I'll be teaching you the ways to do that. Please share this content if you have found any of it useful, I would love to connect more people to this mission because I truly believe that we all deserve greatness within our own lives.

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