Point and Shoot – The SE Method To Living Your Dreams

Living The Life Of Your Dreams Is SIMPLER Than You Might Think…

In this episode, Aidan will be breaking down the complete Stop Existing Method to living the life of your dreams; Point & Shoot.


  • What Does ‘Point’ Mean? [01:01]
  • The Importance Of Your Life Vision? [02:47]
  • Understanding Lifestyle Visioning [06:00]
  • Optimising Your Lifestyle For Your Own Growth [08:24]
  • Combining Life & Lifestyle Visioning [11:54]
  • Visioning Tool #1: Reflection [14:27]
  • Visioning Tool #2: Clarity [17:19]


  • What Does ‘Shoot’ Mean? [20:06]
  • Using A ‘Goal Stack’ To Shoot Effectively [21:16]
  • Effective Action Tool #1: Be Hyper-Specific [23:22]
  • Effective Action Tool #2: Use Set-Points [24:13]
  • Ongoing Learning Is Your Ultimate Secret Weapon [25:20]
  • The Power Of Collaboration [28:17]

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Mind Reader. Wizard. Weirdo. YOU CHOOSE! I'm a performer at heart, psychology, neurobiology and behavioural change fan in mind and entrepreneur by trade. At Stop Existing, I'm connecting my purest beliefs into the work that I'm doing to help you and many others live the life that you deserve and that you're dreaming of. Perhaps selfishly, I think it's simple to do - and here at Stop Existing, I'll be teaching you the ways to do that. Please share this content if you have found any of it useful, I would love to connect more people to this mission because I truly believe that we all deserve greatness within our own lives.

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