The Stop Existing Show – Welcome!

STOP passively existing and START living the intentional life of your dreams.

Do you ever want more from your life but just don’t know what that means for you or even where to start?

My name is Aidan O’Sullivan and in The Stop Existing Show, I’ll be sharing with you techniques, strategies and approaches that will allow you to take simple action and live the life of your dreams.

Too many people live their lives doing what everyone else believes is the ‘right’ approach to life but the truth is – they are just passively existing. And I don’t like that.

My mission is to help share the awareness of Intentional Living so that you can take action and start living your dream life, even if you don’t know what that looks like yet!

Over the course of this show, I’ll be bringing on many guests including friends, thought leaders and experts in their fields, all you can learn from them and start living a more intentional life today.

If you have any ideas in regards to who or what you’d like me to discuss on the show, by all means – drop me an email and I’ll be able to unpack that and get an episode planned for you.

The aim is to make this show a collaborative project that will evolve and grow so that we can live our intentional lives in the best possible way – TOGEHTER.

There’s a few episodes of the show to get you started but if you’re new to Stop Existing, be sure to check out Episode 1 (About Me & SE) for more information:


Mind Reader. Wizard. Weirdo. YOU CHOOSE! I'm a performer at heart, psychology, neurobiology and behavioural change fan in mind and entrepreneur by trade. At Stop Existing, I'm connecting my purest beliefs into the work that I'm doing to help you and many others live the life that you deserve and that you're dreaming of. Perhaps selfishly, I think it's simple to do - and here at Stop Existing, I'll be teaching you the ways to do that. Please share this content if you have found any of it useful, I would love to connect more people to this mission because I truly believe that we all deserve greatness within our own lives.

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