Quit Your Job With A Plan | SEShow #003

Have You Ever Considered Quitting Your Job?

In this episode, Aidan will be unpacking what ‘quitting your job’ actually means and how you can take action, simply by putting the right plan in place first.

Topics Discussed:

  • The Story Of How I Quit My Job [02:01]
  • 3 Reasons Why I Wanted To Quit My Job [06:02]
  • The 8 Key Questions [07:20]
  1. Do You Want To Quit Your Job?
  2. WHEN Do You Want To Quit Your Job?
  3. WHY Do You Want To Quit Your Job?
  4. If Everything Was ABUNDANT, What Would You Do?
  5. HOW Do You Want To Quit?
  6. What Will Let You Grow?
  7. What Is The Mission/Vision?
  8. Do Your REALLY Want To Quit Your Job?
  • What Does Quitting Actually Mean For You? [17:45]
  • How To Adjust Your Current Job Role [22:09]
  • Don’t Do This When You Start Looking For A New Job [24:15]
  • The Key To A Thriving Business [27:06]
  • The Fundamentals Of Building A Business [30:24]
  • In Summary [33:33]

Bonus Resources:

  • The Stop Existing Test (100 Questions to Remove The Biggest Problems Holding Your Back From Your Dreams) [stopexisting.com/thetest]
  • The 90-Day Business Launch Programme (Work with me to launch your new business in just 90 Days) (stopexisting.com/launch)

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Mind Reader. Wizard. Weirdo. YOU CHOOSE! I'm a performer at heart, psychology, neurobiology and behavioural change fan in mind and entrepreneur by trade. At Stop Existing, I'm connecting my purest beliefs into the work that I'm doing to help you and many others live the life that you deserve and that you're dreaming of. Perhaps selfishly, I think it's simple to do - and here at Stop Existing, I'll be teaching you the ways to do that. Please share this content if you have found any of it useful, I would love to connect more people to this mission because I truly believe that we all deserve greatness within our own lives.

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