The 5 Keys To A Fulfilling Career

Is your job TRULY fulfilling?

In this week’s episode, Aidan will be exploring the 5 main areas that will allow you to ensure that any job/ career that you explore is going to be truly fulfilling and worthwhile overall.


  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Looking For Jobs
  1. MISTAKE 1: Imagining Yourself In The Job [01:45]
  2. MISTAKE 2: Money vs Happiness [03:27]
  3. MISTAKE 3: Aiming For ‘Stress-Free’ [05:43]
  • KEY 1: Personal & Professional Development [08:34]
  • KEY 2: Understand & Play To Your Strengths [12:20]
  • KEY 3: Supporting A Real-World Problem [15:29]
  • KEY 4: Autonomy & Environmental Conditions [18:13]
  • KEY 5: Enjoy The Work You’re Doing [23:08]
  • Plus much more…


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Mind Reader. Wizard. Weirdo. YOU CHOOSE! I'm a performer at heart, psychology, neurobiology and behavioural change fan in mind and entrepreneur by trade. At Stop Existing, I'm connecting my purest beliefs into the work that I'm doing to help you and many others live the life that you deserve and that you're dreaming of. Perhaps selfishly, I think it's simple to do - and here at Stop Existing, I'll be teaching you the ways to do that. Please share this content if you have found any of it useful, I would love to connect more people to this mission because I truly believe that we all deserve greatness within our own lives.


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