The 2021 Goal Setting challenge

“New Year, New You – BUT for real!

There’s a lot of terrible advice out there, pushing the ‘right’ way to set goals but unfortunately a lot of it sucks – REALLY BADLY…

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘New Year, New Me’ when it comes to New Year Resolutions and although we laugh at how cringey that is, there is NOTHING stopping us from actually putting in some work and making that happen.

For a lot of us (myself included) 2020 was a strange year and we’re glad it’s over – BUT – that’s not going to change anything. Instead, you are going to be the one leading the change you need in your life.

I’d love to help you make that change permanent.

Welcome to the 2021 Goal Setting Challenge here at Stop Existing.

In this 10 Day Challenge, I’ll take you through the bulletproof system that I personally use when developing and setting my own personal, business and lifestyle goals too.

I’ll take you through the system that will debunk the problems with traditional goal setting and help you to understand the entire process on a deeper level so that you never lose focus, ambition or motivation.

This challenge is designed to take you from wherever you are currently, into the ‘new you’ for 2021 in a surefire way that is guaranteed to stick for the long haul.

What you’ll receive:

  • The Stop Existing 10 Day Challenge Handbook (PDF with information, guides and bonus exercises)
  • Daily Video Content (5-10mins per day on a specific element of the Goal Setting process)
  • Daily Bonus Content (For those interested in diving a little deeper into the day’s content)
  • Access To The Stop Existing Facebook Group (Private community of fellow Goal Setters and Big Dreamers)

Why should I listen to you, aidan?

A fair question. Here is some stuff about me:

I’m incredibly passionate about psychology, neurobiology, personal development, behavioural change and peak performance.

As a result of this, I’ve spent countless hours researching and studying from the world leaders of today across some of the leading personal growth and peak performance platforms with a keen eye for effective goal setting strategies..

I’m a student of Vishen Lakhiani on the Mindvalley platform and a graduate of Steven Kotler‘s Zero to Dangerous programme at the Flow Research Collective with Scott Barry Kaufman as my mentor.

In 2020 I founded two companies (Stop Existing and The Successful Mentalist) whilst continuing my entertainment career as a Magician & Mind Reader at Aidan the Wizard.

I’ve also spent time coaching individuals personally and in groups to help them launch, grow and improve their businesses whilst also changing their lives in-line with their larger life vision too:

Aidan has become my ‘go-to’ person to seek advice about important life decisions. He simplifies complex concepts and presents them in an easy, straightforward manner. His vast knowledge about mindfulness and intentional living will leave you awestruck. I feel grateful to learn and grow under Aidan’s tutelage.

Dhiraj Gaikwad from Pune, India

Aidan is a true inspiration. He’s been a terrific aid to me and my business in recent months! Aidan doesn’t speak in riddles, he helps you to find what suits you – giving advice and tips to improve from there.

Oisin Foley from Dublin, Ireland

As you can probably tell, I’m fascinated with going BIG and to achieve all of the above, I’ve had no option but to refine my entire goal setting process.

The EXACT process that I want to share with you.

What’s in the 2021 challenge?

Over the course of 10 days, you’ll receive an email with a link to the day’s content containing a short video and additional information and resources for you to dive deep into.

Each day will build upon the last and will uncover a new element to my goal setting blueprint:

  • DAY 1: Setting Your Intention

(Building the most important foundation to any goals)

  • DAY 2: Reflecting On 2020

(Using 2020 as the BEST tool for finding your path in 2021)

  • DAY 3: Reflecting On YOU

(The bit that modern goal setting FORGETS about…)

  • DAY 4: Who NOT What

(Fixing the BIGGEST problem with modern goal setting)

  • DAY 5: Uncovering Your True Passion

(Custom-building your passion for long-term commitment)

  • DAY 6: Being Bold & Finding Your Purpose

(Think BIG and achieve more)

  • DAY 7: Finding Your Tasks

(Using the previous lessons to set the RIGHT goals for you)

  • DAY 8: Does It Fit?

(Making sure your goals align PERFECTLY to you)

  • DAY 9: Taking Action & Getting Started

(Getting to work in the most productive ways)

  • DAY 10: Mastering Your Habits

(Bulletproofing your progress on a daily basis)


Sign Up now for the 2021 Challenge and achieve so much more than you think you’re capable of this year.