The 90 Day Business Launch Programme

Over the course of 2020/21, I have been coaching and consulting for a collection of entertainers and entrepreneurs and giving them the ultimate path that they have needed to radically develop and scale their businesses to reach their financial goals, big ambitions and personal targets.

And now I want to give that exact opportunity to you… BUT BETTER!

In these individual coaching sessions, I have helped entrepreneurs and small businesses to achieve the following (and more):

  • Identify their Life Purpose (the intrinsic driving force for these companies)
  • Identify their Business Vision (it’s actually really SIMPLE but the big companies won’t tell you that!)
  • Streamline the Business Model/ Plan (I believe in working smarter, not harder)
  • Prepare for LAUNCH (The easy way)
  • Bulletproof the Business (Burnout Prevention, Unlimited Motivation, Rapid Success)

All of this (and more) in just a few hours of gentle conversation…

Imagine the opportunities that could open up if we were surrounded by other, like-minded entrepreneurs that want to launch, scale or improve their businesses too…

Welcome to The Stop Existing 90 Day Business Launch Programme!

What is involved?

Over the course of 3 months, you’ll work closely with me personally and a small group of other, like-minded individuals to help take your business or career to the next level.

Within those 3 months, you’ll become a part of:

  • Group Business Foundational Trainings (Trainings delivered by Aidan)
  • Group Collaboration Calls (Guided Discussions covering specific, actionable steps in your business)
  • Private Coaching Sessions (1 hour, 1:1 Sessions with Aidan directly)
  • Unlimited Access To The Group* (A Private Group for programme attendees)
  • BONUS Workbooks & Resources (Aidan’s complete model for taking idea to launch)

*Though the programme will finish after 3 months, the group will remain open and accessible to all past attendees so that your experience will NEVER truly end.

Are You Interested?

The first cycle of this programme will begin on March 1st 2021.

Unfortunately, there is only a small number of slots available (10 in total) so if this sounds like an opportunity that you would be interested in getting involved with, please drop your email in the box below and I’ll be able to communicate all of the finer details with you in due course.