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You’re not doing this to help me.

You’re doing this to help YOU.

I’m just your current guide towards the life you’ve always dreamed of.

– Aidan

PART 1/2 – Whitelist My Emails

I don’t want you to miss out on any of the information that you’ve signed up for, including updates about The Test and so the easiest way of doing this is through the ‘Whitelisting’ of my email address.

What does that even mean?

Here are three simple steps to doing that:

STEP 1 – Go To Your Emails

You should have received an automated email from me at this point. Go find that!

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STEP 2 – Click ‘Not Spam’

If I’ve ended up in your spam folder, that’s okay. Just click ‘Not Spam’ and take my email back to your inbox.

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Step 3 – Add me as a contact

The last step is to save my email as an email contact, just as you would a friend/colleague.

(My full name is Aidan O’Sullivan, if you wanted to be super specific and fill out all of the boxes!)

*Some people also like to save a ‘rule’ that never sends my emails into the Junk/Spam folder. I would advise doing that, just to be extra safe. Here’s a link with more information about whitelisting:

PART 2/2 – Connect on Social Media

You’ve now got access to my private Facebook Group for like-minded individuals that will all be taking The Test together and collaborating on their dream lives.

Join the group here:

If you haven’t seen the full details of my mission, you can check that HERE: The Mission.

A huge part of my mission is to scale to 1 million ‘superfans’ across my collective social media platforms by January 2026.

These are the people that will engage with, share and support the Stop Existing content and mission to help me bring this lifestyle of intention into fruition across the globe.

Will you become a superfan?

If you’re not already, I’d love for you to link up to the Stop Existing social media and get involved with the mission.

We are all agents of change and we are far stronger when we are together.

*Stop Existing is signed up to more Social Media pages so if you don’t see your preferred platform, just give ‘Stop Existing’ a search to find me.

Now you’re ready – It’s time to take The Test!

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