The 2021 Challenge: Day Seven

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Day 7: Find Your Tasks

Today’s content is a little longer, a little meatier, a little more hands-on…

Today, we’re finding your big goals. Let’s get stuck in!

Day Seven: Bonus Content

Are you ready to start setting some goals?

We’re not talking about little mini-projects either – we’re talking about the BIG stuff; the books, the shows, the business, the opportunities, the relationships – anything that might sound scary now but also aren’t too impossible for you to imagine.

When you get these tasks, you’ll be able to crunch them down into actionable steps, even if you don’t know how – that’s something that you’ll learn as you start taking action. That’s a conversation of ‘how’ but today, we’re focusing on the ‘what’ of goal setting.

In a moment I’ll share a few thoughts on how to find these projects, but firstly I want to remind you of a few points that we’ve previously discussed so that you can remember when you’re developing these:

  • Be Hyper-Specific (One reason that NYResolutions fail is because they’re not clear enough)
  • Use Your Passions (If you’re particularly passionate about performing, it would make sense to plot a performance-oriented goal because that’s what you’re interested in. Make it relevant!)
  • Align To Your MTP (Build your goals in line with your higher purpose. If it fits, write it down, if not, adapt it to something that does. Intention + Purpose = Dedication)
  • Shift Your Identity (What goals would challenge you and force you to learn and grow?)

Finding Your Goals

This type of goal (also called ‘High, Hard Goals’) are designed to stretch your potential and build your growth and direction towards your mission. Studies have now shown that those with these goals can see a productivity boost of at least 11-25% – something I wouldn’t say no to!

Luckily for you, an easy path to take when setting this type of goal is to look to society and see what the common targets are.

Take a look at what other people are doing and consider whether the challenge itself would help you grow and advance your work to the MTP.

Would publishing a book help you build a career in the live entertainment sector? Probably not.

Would writing and presenting a complete show? Probably!

Once you start collating these goals, your job would be to get hyper-specific and mould it to your complete mission rather than just staying vague.

I gave the example on a previous day about the impact of the environment on the state of mind that is called ‘Flow’. If writing a book on that subject deeply resonates with my MTP, it would then become a perfect High Hard Goal (HHG) for me to select.

My personal MTP (Cultivate a lifestyle that allows me to pursue my passions) has a few HHG’s beneath it, including:

  • Leaving my part-time job
  • Live in another country for 3 months
  • Publish a research paper on the integration between Flow psychology and the performance of magic

Though they range from simple goals to much more specific targets, they are all incredibly clear in regards to what I’m aiming to achieve.

They’re also relevant to the overarching MTP as each step will advance me into a direction that I’m passionate about.

Leaving my job will allow me to pursue my own work, living abroad will force me to learn a new culture and a new language (something I’ve been interested in for a long time) and publishing a research paper will help me get involved into the world of psychology, neurobiology and it’s crossovers into magic.

Build Your Own Passion targets

It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to use other people’s targets either.

You can build your own.

This is a great time to consider your passions and look into any dreams or ‘crazy ideas’ that you’ve had in the past but dismissed as feasible ideas. Chances are, one crazy or unreasonable idea is now PERFECT for you based on the direction that you’re heading.

When I first completed the Passion Recipe, I found that several of my passions could actually be entwined together and built up into a hyper-niche goal that would give me an opportunity to explore multiple different areas: A Web-Series.

By taking on the challenge of a web-series, I’m stacking many curiosities and passions in my favour, ranging from videography to music, narrative structure and so much more. When I’m ready to take on this challenge, I’ll be on fire because it’s not just a job to do, it’s an exciting project!

Are there common themes or ideas from your passions or curiosities that you can bring to a logical challenge?

How Many? Deadlines? Help!

This is the part that you’ll need to work out for yourself, unfortunately.

I personally stack between 5-10 HHG’s for my MTP (Steven Kotler recommends between 5-7) and when I complete one or two, I simply replace them with something brand new to aim for and keep me growing.


That’s really important.

Be super specific on the project details if you can, then get clear on your timeframe and when you’re aiming to complete the task. Sure, situations change (2020 proved that much to us!) so these dates can be flexible but aim for that deadline – don’t get lazy and put it off!

I’ve found that a particularly useful tool, for multiple reasons, is to take the 6-Phase Meditation from Vishen Lakhiani. Whatever you think of meditation, scrap it. It’s not about ‘silencing your thoughts’ or ‘focusing on your breath’.

The 6-Phase is an active meditation that takes your mind through a number of key phases, each built with scientific research to support the benefits and results of each stage. It will also help you to clearly envision your future, the life you want to live and you can use this to help with the number and deadlines of the goals that you want to take.

It’s a 20minute meditation but I would STRONGLY recommend making this a daily habit.

One final thought on today’s content:


Okay, maybe that was a little bit too aggressive (I’m sorry) but the point is really important.


Your mind cannot accurately distinguish between the reality of your environment and the environment that you tell it that it’s in.

What that means is that if you start telling everyone about what you’re going to be doing, you’re much less likely to do it because you’re mind tricks itself into believing that you’ve already done the task and as a result, switches off and turns your ideas away from the idea.

Think back to a time you was watching a scary movie and FELT scared. There was no threat to you at all but your mind perceived it from the environment and as a result, you felt scared.

It’s the exact same thing for goal setting.

With that said, if you’re about to start a massive project there are probably people that you have to tell for various reasons – tell those people. If you can, stay a little ambiguous but if this is a business proposal or a meeting with a manager (or a stern wife!) you’re allowed to spare some more details.

Just don’t make it a habit.

Shut up.

You’ll thank me later.


  • Build Your High Hard Goals (Aim for between 5-10 that are hyper-specific)
  • DON’T TELL EVERYONE! (Keep your goals safe and secure with only those that need to know!)
  • Take The 6-Phase Meditation (It’s about 18-20mins long and the benefits are HUGE)

That’s your mission for the day.

This is Day Seven of my complete Goal Setting Blueprint.

Use your new knowledge to set the goals that best fit your position and you’ll start to achieve more than you could have possibly dreamed of.

Let’s make 2021 the BEST year of your entire life.


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“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just

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– Stephen King