The 2021 Challenge: Day Six

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Day 6: Bold & Purposeful

Any goals or targets become easier when you have a mission, a North Star – A PURPOSE.

Today, we’re going to find yours. Let’s get stuck in!

Day Six: Bonus Content

I want to start by saying that today is TOUGH.

Sometimes people can go for decades without ever finding their purpose and as a result, they default to an unintentional life. A life that the modern world has carved out for them. A life of mediocrity.


You’ve showed up here with me for this 10 Day Goal Setting Challenge so that you can take stock of your life, find the right direction for you and then attack those dreams with an unstoppable energy.

A life of intention.

Today we’re going to find your Massively Transformative Purpose, your MTP. But first, here’s some more information about MTP’s:

What Is An MTP?

One of my personal MTP’s (the one that started the entire Stop Existing mission) is simply to, “Give Life Back To A World That Is Just Existing”.

This became my North Star and once I fleshed it out and got a little clearer on this, I set my goals and started taking action to helping that MTP. (FUN FACT – This entire course was one of the goals!)

To give another example, you can look at Elon Musk for some inspiration. Love him or hate him, he knows exactly how to set an MTP the right way.


You know the mission behind that company? It’s to make humanity a multiplanetary species.

How are they doing that? They’re on a mission to colonise Mars.

Let’s take a third example, this time from Google. Google’s mission is short but sweet; “Organise the world’s information”.

Notice anything in particular about these?

Yup. They’re freaking HUGE.

I have no idea if we’ll ever become a multiplanetary species. I have no idea if I’ll ever change the mindset across the world and help people live more intentionally.

But I can do my absolute best to try.

You’re probably wondering how this fits into everything that we’ve spoken about already and here is how we’re going to use the past few exercises and turn them into your MTP.

Creating Your MTP:

Yesterday we stacked your natural biology into custom-built passions that light the fire in your belly and that are completely unique to you.

The next step is to tie these into something BIG.

Steven Kotler suggests looking at a bunch of the global problems that you would like to see solved and then finding a way to integrate your passions in alignment towards that big problem. For example, you might want to end world hunger or stop climate change – whatever resonates with YOU the most.

For those worrying or thinking that you might not worthy enough or that you’re not good enough to tackle these global issues, I want you to know this; I felt the same.

My recurring impostor syndrome kept getting to the better of me and grinding me down and I stopped looking big.

Then I heard Naveen Jain talking about MTP’s and ‘moonshot thinking’ – he enlightened me of the fact that the biggest world problems are also the biggest opportunities.

By aiming BIG, you can attract supporters with similar dreams or values and you might connect and end up collaborating on something incredible. If you attack a problem from a specific angle (one that you resonate most with – your passions!) then you’re opening up a new opportunity and you are far more likely to go further.

People buy into missions more than they buy into people or companies.

It’s also a phenomenal accountability tool too.

If you’re aiming big, you have to play big and that’s your second task for today.

Commit yourself to finding new ways to play big, every day in every way you possibly can. Not only will you become the most incredible version of yourself that you can possibly be but you’ll also live a quality of life that far exceeds your wildest expectations – all because you found your purpose.

But What If I don’t Want To Go Into Business?

You don’t have to launch a company or even consider the world of ‘work’ when developing your MTP if you’d rather not. Businesses are simply the easiest way to explain and demonstrate these principles in action and the overall chain of impact that they have.

My personal MTP is as follows; “Cultivate A Lifestyle That Will Allow Me To Pursue My Passions”

What that means is that a massive purpose of my life is to create a lifestyle of intention that will allow me to meet the needs of me serving my passions and MTP’s.

This may seem very business-oriented, but everything that can be stacked into this mission is focused on myself personally. I’ve got a select set of goals that will help me develop this lifestyle and I can map those in completely (more on this tomorrow though)

What isn’t important is how you use your MTP but what IS important is that you have one.

This is going to become your North Star for your life. Everything that you do will have to align with this mission and you’ll be able to turn down and remove the things that are getting in the way.

IMPORTANT – Don’t try and fit this into your current life.

If you start thinking rationally with this, you won’t make progress. Follow Elon and pitch your purpose to a massive level because when you do, you’re going to turbocharge your progress towards the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Your Task Today:

  • Identify which worldwide problems you’d like to see solved
  • Find ways to build your passions into the solutions for one of these problems
  • Create your MTP, your mission statement, your North Star
  • Find ways to play bigger EVERY DAY across your entire life

That’s your mission for the day.

This is Day Six of my complete Goal Setting Blueprint.

Give yourself purpose and you’ll never find yourself being ‘lost’ – you can simply reflect, review and retry without ever losing interest.

Play big because I know you’re capable of it.

Let’s make 2021 the BEST year of your entire life.


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“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your

passion will lead right into your purpose”

– T.D Jakes