The 2021 Challenge: Day Three

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Day 3: Checking In With Your Life

Today, we’re going EVEN DEEPER within our reflections, purely so that we can take the goal setting process EVEN FURTHER and achieve more than we could ever have imagined.

Are you ready to begin?

Day Three: Bonus Content

Today is an awesome day.

We’re uncovering the first of many problems with the traditional goal setting processes:


How often do you set a goal based on the stereotypes or the ‘norms’ of modern society?

By far the most common New Year Resolutions are all around health (namely eating better and doing more exercise) and although that’s not a bad thing, it’s also not YOUR thing.

It’s a simple choice that has been ingrained into our traditions as a result of peer-pressures that exist on a societal level. We celebrate prioritising our health for the New Year… in the moment.

And before you start making assumptions about me going all conspiracy-theorist, why else do you think that 80% of NYResolutions fail? They are missing the most important elements; the right intention and a genuine application into the life of the resolution holder.

Luckily for you, the right intention was the lesson on Day One and today we’re going to lay the foundations for any goals that you set going forwards so that they actually apply to you and your life.

Nothing is harder than battling with a goal that you seriously don’t resonate with because it doesn’t fit with your life, your inner beliefs or your life vision.


The only reason we haven’t started getting our goals in place (or even considered) yet is because we need to make sure that where we point them is a place that truly resonates with us.

Does ‘eating healthy’ really resonate with you on a naturally deeper level? We can all eat healthily, why should you?

Let’s dive deeper into our overall life. Here’s my best suggestion:

Apply the Lifebook methodology


And I mean that.

I took the Lifebook programme with Mindvalley in the early stages of 2020 and it was a true game-changer for me. I was able to get clear on my overall direction and in the process, reflect on the 12 main categories that collates to our full life.

If you’re interested, the programme isn’t cheap (approx $500) but is worth taking nonetheless. Mindvalley also offer a complete refund option for everyone that completes the programme so that’s another incentive, should you wish to explore. The link is further down this page.

Here are the 12 Lifebook Categories:

  1. Health & Fitness (Your physical body and overall health)
  2. Intellectual Life (Your mental health and overall brain-power)
  3. Emotional Life (Your emotional range and overall emotional wellbeing)
  4. Your Character (Your personality traits and attributes that build your persona)
  5. Spiritual Life (Your spiritual or religious beliefs and practices)
  6. Love Relationships (Your deep and intimate connections with yourself and others)
  7. Parenting (Your relationships with your children, as a child yourself or to projects that your heart is with)
  8. Social Life (Your friendships and the network around you)
  9. Your Career (Your job, work and overall career)
  10. Financial Life (Your income, outgoings and overall relationships with money)
  11. Quality of Life (Your overall satisfaction and contentment with the life you are currently living)
  12. Life Vision (The vision you have about the overall life that you want to live)

Your Task Today:

Reflect on these categories within your own life.

Are you happy or truly satisfied in each area?

Mindvalley have developed a free questionnaire that you can take that will take your temperature in each of the 12 categories and you’ll get an overall score; your Life Quotient.

As part of this process, you’ll also receive a detailed report based on your results that will show you which categories require the most work to improve. These are the categories that we can target or consider when setting our goals in the coming days.

Here is the link to the questionnaire:

If, however, you don’t want to sign up to the Mindvalley platform just yet, that’s perfectly fine. You can simply rate yourself in each area on a scale of 1-10 (1 being terrible and 10 being perfect)

I’ve included these categories in a table in your Handbook.

Spend some time today to evaluate your overall life currently so that we can start to stack up your goals and habits in the right way, rather than just picking something that’s biased by social norms.

Don’t forget to compare notes between this and your 2021 Focus List too, any patterns or thoughts that you have as you go through this process will help prepare you for the rest of the 10 Day Challenge.

That’s your mission for the day.

This is Day Three of my complete Goal Setting Blueprint.

By understanding your life as a whole, you understand your necessary direction of focus.

Let’s make 2021 the BEST year of your entire life.


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“The single most important relationship in your entire life is the one you have with yourself”

Jon Butcher