The 2021 Challenge: Day Two

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Day 2: Reflect On Your 2020

We’re doing the unthinkable and diving back into the depths of 2020 today.

Don’t worry, there are several important reasons why – many of which you’ll find out over the next few days.

2020 doesn’t have to be scary, if anything it’s now your BEST FRIEND:

Day TWO: Bonus Content

Firstly, please don’t get mad at me for sending you back into 2020.

The most effective Goal Setting strategies are those that have some form of reflection within the entire process and with us starting a brand-new year, there couldn’t be a better time to reflect.

You’ll learn more about this in a few days but ‘reflection’ is a CRUCIAL element of this goal setting blueprint. Without it, the goals are simply targets without meaning.

By understanding on a hyper-specific level what your best and worst moments were in 2020, you’ll start to identify specific trends and crossovers that will highlight exactly where you should be focusing your attention this year.

This is why your task today is to create 2 lists:

  • Your 2020 Review List
  • Your 2021 Priority List

Let’s unpack those in a little more depth:

Your 2020 Review List:

To do this, you’ll need to draw a line and split a page in two.

Title one half ‘The Negative’ and the other, ‘The Positive’. (You can use the example on page 7 of your Handbook if you’d prefer to keep your notes in one place)

From here, you’re going to start making a list of all of the positive and negative aspects of your 2020 but there’s a rule:

You have to be hyper-specific!

If you can’t clearly visualise or feel the experience or element you’re writing, you need to get more specific. And once you’ve done that, get MORE specific.

For example, a negative such as ‘my job’ would become ‘my increase in workload’ and then ‘I’m uncomfortable with the massive increase in responsibility because of my added workload’

The aim is to start by finding the root cause of your positive and negative experiences within 2020 so that you can start matching up similar experience and set goals that will allow you to avoid these points. To find the root cause, you need to get as specific as possible.

(I actually still think that the hyper-specific example above is still too vague so go DEEPER)

The only catch?


That’s right. You’re not allowed to have 100 negatives and 4 positives – 100 negatives means 100 positives must be identified in the process too.

This equal balance is really important. Too much of the negative means you’ll become over-critical and you’ll likely develop a negative attitude and a mindset of depreciation. You’ll grind away your self-worth and can end up in a depressive spiral.

On the other hand, too much of the positive will lead you to having unrealistic expectations around your entire life and when outcomes don’t match your ideals or your visions, you can again start to reach a poor mindset of negative self-worth.

The Positive / Negative Balance

Aim for at least 10 of each but be aware; the more you define now. the easier the rest of the process will become.

YOUR 2021 Focus LIST:

Notice any patterns or common themes across these lists?

For some, this will be painfully simple, but for others, you might need to dip a little deeper to spot these trends. On the flip-side, these might not be as specific as your 2020 Review List. For example, if you notice lots of specific negatives about your job, a common trend would simply be – YOUR JOB.

I’m trying to avoid biasing you with examples but if you’re stuck on this, reach out or ask for more details in the Facebook Group:

The aim with your 2021 Focus List is get clear on the specific areas that you will either need to directly target with the remainder of the Goal Setting blueprint, or simply take into account when you’re developing any other goals.

And that’s your mission for the day.

This is Day Two of my complete Goal Setting Blueprint.

Build the mindset of reflection and direction and you’ll smash your goals.

Let’s make 2021 the BEST year of your entire life.


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“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings”

Lao Tzu