The Secrets of Magic


A performance photo taken at a local Comedy Club (pre-Covid)

About This Webinar

Firstly, thank you SO MUCH for your support with this talk!

Whether you turned up live or are just looking for a replay, you’re helping me to spread the word of my work and allowing me to grow, evolve and develop as a performer, a speaker, a coach, a lecturer and more importantly – as a person!

What you’re about to experience is a webinar that breaks down my NEW MODEL of inter-personal psychology – a model that I have been actively using and developing within my performances as a Magician/ Mentalist for the past 10+ years.

(For more info about my performing career, visit

This webinar was originally going to formulate a corporate training series to help businesses, entrepreneurs and educators to improve their communication, business and overall relationships in life and business alike.

Following the OVERWHELMINGLY generous, kind and positive feedback from these webinars, I am currently in the process of turning this into a practical online course.

If you’d like to keep up to date with the future of this webinar, course and any business coaching opportunities based on this content, please email me at

In the webinar you will learn;

  • The Internal Factors That Contribute To A Powerful MINDSET
  • The External Factors That Contribute To A Powerful SKILLSET
  • The Social Factors That Contribute To A Powerful INTERACTION
  • The Practical Techniques That You Can Use To Read Minds (FOR REAL!)

The Webinars

Firstly, I am running a THIRD PRESENTATION for the Mindvalley audience.

If you are interested in attending, please reach out to me directly and I can supply all of the relevant dates and information.

Below are the first 2 webinar recordings, that run the full 90 minute presentation – BUT – they are different.

Webinar 1 (v1)

  • Zoom Cloud Recording (Speaker View but a lesser quality)
  • The First Version (The webinar has been improved and updated for v2)

Webinar 2 (v2)

  • Zoom Local Recording (Gallery View – better quality but might get annoying…)
  • The Second Version (I feel this presentation is of a higher standard and with updated content, though there is content in v1 not covered here)

With that said, watch either version that you would like (or both!) or simply come to the next LIVE training instead. I respect your decision and appreciate your interest!

Let me know your biggest takeaway/s too!