The Test.

Are you truly living?

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For years I knew there was something wrong… I FELT IT.

Now it all makes sense… I wasn’t truly living!

If that sounds strange to you, then the chances are that you’re probably not living properly yourself.

Don’t worry – YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE!

In fact, most of the modern world today is in the exact same position.




UNAWARE of the opportunities that are out there for you to take hold of that will let you live the life that you truly want to live.

I promise that no matter what position you find yourself in now, you can live your best life to your absolute fullest and in the way that YOU want to.

No catches. No problems.

All you’re missing is an opportunity for you to take action and change everything in the world around you. Let ‘Stop Existing’ become that exact opportunity.

And if you need any encouragement, I’m right here with you.

My name is Aidan and it is my life’s mission to give life back to a world that is just existing.

If you want to learn more about me, check this page: Who Am I?


If instead you’d like to find out how you can change and improve your ENTIRE LIFE (no exaggerations here), then you’ll probably find benefit in checking in here and taking ‘The Test’.

What is the Stop Existing Test?

Okay, okay, I’ve made it sound FAR more sexy than it actually is…

Essentially, I’ve broken down the biggest ‘problem areas’ that stop us from living intentionally and turned those into a simple survey that you’ll be able to sit with, reflect upon and answer.

Then you identify your unintentional areas, and change them.

It’s really that simple, I PROMISE.

As part of The Test, I’d love to invite you into my private community of like-minded, aspirational dreamers that are also working through the problem areas to uncover their dreams.

I’ll also be able to send you follow-up information and advice on how you can unblock each area and start living the life you have always dreamed of.

I don’t say this lightly but…


And I mean that.

I’ve done the work, the research and put in the effort to collect all of this information for you.

Your job is simple from here:

  • Click the button below and sign up to receive The Test
  • Take The Test & review your results
  • Take action and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

And if you find absolutely no value in the test and the emails, that’s not a problem – Simply unsubscribe and continue on your merry way!

Are you truly living?