Who Am I?

I used to dream of being a performer.

now I dream of being an


My name is Aidan O’Sullivan and I’m ambitious.

Just so you can get fully up to speed with the main areas of my life, here are the main sections:

  • Aidan the Wizard
  • The Successful Mentalist
  • Stop Existing

Skim, snoop, you do you.

I’ve put headers on each bit so you can quickly scroll on through and get to the good stuff…

Equally, you can check out Episode 1 of my new podcast to listen to my story whilst you’re on the go!


Aidan the Wizard

For the last decade, I’ve been OBSESSED with magic, psychology and performing. I’ve had the opportunity to share my craft with thousands of audiences, on stage, up close and online.

I blend psychology with my magic to read, influence and mess with people’s minds in ways that you wouldn’t ever imagine.

You can find more information about my performances and availability over on aidanthewizard.co.uk

The Successful Mentalist

I also coach, teach and educate magicians from across the globe with business advice, performance tips and transformative mindset shifts on our platform, ‘The Successful Mentalist’.

Myself and my good friend, Ashley Green, deliver a weekly podcast for magicians and we also have private students in our exclusive training programme.

We are aiming to improve the Quality of Life for ALL magicians across the globe by 2040 through our teaching and expertise of the previously mentioned areas.

For more information about this, head over to thesuccessfulmentalist.com

And now we’re here.

Stop Existing.

A few years ago, I noticed that something wasn’t quite right in my life.

Since then, I’ve had an incredible journey of personal growth to the point that I’ve started to realise what the problem was – I WASN’T LIVING.

Perhaps more accurately, I wasn’t living INTENTIONALLY.

My life seemed to all be happening TO me rather than WITH me and I just didn’t understand why.

I didn’t have control.

I didn’t know what else was out there.

I didn’t know anything.

I knew there had to be more to life that living the typical path of increasing unhappiness so I began researching, studying and improving myself and my knowledge.


What I’m trying to do with Stop Existing is to create a worldwide shift towards living intentionally and in the ways that we actually WANT to rather than what we THINK we want to.

I have a simple mission, my ‘MTP’ (Massively Transformative Purpose) is simply to;

Give Life Back To A World That Is Just Existing

Does this sound bold and crazy enough?


Because I’m not playing small here. Remember – I’m ambitious!

Perhaps you’re not too sure what exactly that mahoosive MTP even means?

Well, you’re in luck. I’ve broken that down completely as ‘The Mission’ on my homepage.

Read the ‘Stop Existing Mission’ HERE: The Mission


If I’m really going to create this global shift, I’m not going to be able to do this alone.

I want to connect with and share my thoughts, concepts and ideas to a wider audience including the modern education system, organisations across the world and to the billions of lives that are in the exact place that I once was.

YOU might just be the person to get me there.

Can you help me?

Will you help me?

I’ll be updating this page routinely but for now, this is what I’m looking for support with: The Mission.

Are you truly living?

Or are you just passively existing?